Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bag and clothes colour collocation common

Usually female friend have quite a few bags,like me,I usually believe which longchamp bag can collocation my cloth put on each these days,le pliage longchamp I invest in a lot of st francois longchamp bags in the sac soldes longchamp retailer.So the following I observed some idea for collocate bags as well as the cloths we put on.

See bag and clothes colour collocation prevalent sense!!!!!! one. The black bag, noble, sophisticated, mysterious, attractive, lasting appeal Can match the color of the clothing: white, grey, meters, blue two. White bag-cool, quiet, clean and pure Can match the color with the garments, but with every one of the color match three. Gray bag-mature neuter color can and any color collocation 4. Coffee and cream-colored bag-mature, tactful, quiet (warm meters, warm meters) Can match the colour of clothes-basic colour (black, white, grey, blue) 5. Blue bag-deep mysterious, relaxed, quiet, deep explanation Can match the color of your clothes-basic color white and black (packet, shoes)

and go on,6. Deep shallow blue bag-yellow, red 7. The red bag enthusiasm and romantic, sexy-- Can match the color with the clothes-black, white, yellow, blue, green 8. Green bag-nature colour, awesome and refreshing, vitality Can match the colour of garments: the most acceptable is black, white plus the deep shallow green,pliage longchamp also can and close to yellow, complementary red (had much better not use pure color) 9. Pink bag-unique ladies of color Can match the color on the clothes-white, black, depth powder-rose 10. Purple bag-elegant colour, ladies like, it truly is hard to match colors But with clothes color-with color depth various purple; Black, white, yellow, gray eleven. Orange bag passion and dynamic-colorv Can match the colour of the clothes-orange, yellow of between; But with the essential colour, white, black, green, several blueprint case clothing.